Disc 1

01. Intro

02. The Meth Lab (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife)
03. Straight Gutta (feat. Redman, Hanz On, Streetlife)
04. Bang Zoom (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife, Eazy Get Rite)
05. 50 Shots (feat. Mack Wilds, Streetlife, Cory Gunz)
06. The Pledge (Hanz On, Streetlife)
07. 2 Minutes of Your Time
08. Worldwide (feat. Hanz On, Uncle Murda, Chedda Bang)
09. Soundcheck (feat. Hanz On, Carlton Fisk)
10. Water (feat. Chedda Bang)
11. Lifestyles (Cardi, Eazy Get Rite, Freaky Marciano)
12. The Purple Tape (feat. Raekwon, Inspectah Deck)
13. Intelligent Meth (feat. Masta Killa, Streetlife, iNTeLL)
14. Symphony (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife, Kash Verrazano, Carlton Fisk, Killa Sin)
15. What You Getting Into (feat. Streetlife, Donny Cacsh)
16. Another Winter (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife, Carlton Fisk)
17. Rain All Day (feat. Hanz On, Dro Pesci)
18. So Staten (feat. Hanz On, Hue Hef)
19. Outro

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Disc 2:

01.The Meth Lab (Instrumental)
02.Straight Gutta (Instrumental)
03.Bang Zoom (Instrumental)
04.50 Shots (Instrumental)
05.Hanz On & Streetlife – The Pledge (Instrumental)
06.2 Minutes of Your Time (Instrumental)
07.Worldwide (Instrumental)
09.08.Soundcheck (Instrumental)
10.Water (Instrumental)
11.Cardi, Eazy Get Rite & Freaky Marciano – Lifestyles (Instrumental)
12.The Purple Tape (Instrumental)
13.Intelligent Meth (Instrumental)
14.Symphony (Instrumental)
15.What You Getting Into (Instrumental)
16.Another Winter (Instrumental)
17.Rain All Day (Instrumental)
18.So Staten (Instrumental)

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